DJI SDK Wi-Fi Connection Issue

Affects: Atlas Flight 1.1

There is a defect in the DJI SDK and effects all SDK apps, which can cause the app to crash. 

It is caused by switching from a Wi-Fi network that has an internet connection to a Wi-Fi network that does not have an internet connection. If the drone is connected the app will crash shortly after the Wi-Fi change. If the drone is not connected the app will crash after the drone is connected following the Wi-Fi change.

Reproduction steps:

1) Connect device to a Wi-Fi network with internet access
2) Connect/start the drone
3) Start the app
4) Background the app and switch to the camera's Wi-Fi network.
5) Resume the app and wait.


Option A) Always connect to the camera's network first. Don't connect to another Wi-Fi network while using the app. For most users this will be the likely scenario when working in the field.

Option B) Configure the camera's Wi-Fi network in iOS settings to NOT have internet.

  • In Settings -> Wi-Fi, click the information icon for the camera's Wi-Fi network.
  • Copy the DHCP assigned IP Address and Subnet Mask.
  • Click Static and type in the IP Address and Subnet Mask copied from the last step.
  • When returning the Settings -> Wi-Fi, the Sequoia network should indicate "No Internet Connection" when selected.


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