What format should be used when reformatting the SD card?

When reformatting your storage device (SD Card or USB Storage) you should use the FAT32 format (Windows) or MS-DOS (Mac).

Note that the Windows 10 dialog will by default only allow the user to select NTFS or exFAT.  While exFAT is supported by the camera, for best performance we recommend the use of FAT32, which will be the format type when using the camera to format the storage.

Using the camera to format the storage

To format the storage to the appropriate format using the camera, first ensure you have copied all data from the device.  Next, connect to the camera WiFi (password: micasense) and navigate to the settings tab.  Click "Storage and Firmware" and then click "Reformat storage."  This will erase everything on the storage device and format the storage with the preferred format.

If you have additional questions, please contact support.

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