Using Atlas Flight with RedEdge

Atlas Flight is a mission planning solution made primarily for the Parrot Sequoia and DJI drones. However, you can use Atlas Flight with a RedEdge, provided you are still using a DJI drone. The following instructions will give you guidance on using Atlas Flight and your RedEdge camera properly. Please refer to general Atlas Flight instructions here.

Atlas Flight will not automatically configure RedEdge to trigger. You will need to configure the triggering options on the RedEdge via the web configuration page (see How do I connect to RedEdge? for details).

We recommend using overlap mode for triggering. In overlap mode, you will need to set a target altitude and an overlap percentage.

Set your target altitude in RedEdge to be the same altitude that you have set in Atlas Flight.

Set your overlap percentage to be higher than what you have set in Atlas Flight. For example, if you have set 75% overlap in Atlas Flight, choose 80% overlap in your RedEdge configuration. Atlas Flight uses Sequoia’s specifications to create a flight plan. RedEdge has a slightly narrower field of view, therefore each track needs to be closer together.

For more details on how to configure these properties, see: RedEdge: Automatic Triggering Options

You can otherwise plan your mission as usual, ignoring the camera update errors (since the app is trying to communicate with Sequoia). Please contact support if you have any questions.


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