Atlas Flight: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I create a flight plan over my fields in Atlas?
A: Yes you can. To do this, you simply need to log into your MicaSense Atlas account in Atlas Flight, and select a field. A flight plan will then be created automatically for that field.

Q: How can I be sure the flight plan I create will result in stitchable imagery?
A: Atlas Flight creates a flight plan optimized for RedEdge or Sequoia, based on their unique specifications. The user sets the desired altitude, overlap and flight speed, and the app creates a flight plan that reflects that. For the best quality images, we recommend setting the overlap at 75% or higher.

Q: Do I need to configure the camera's settings myself, or can this all be done within Atlas Flight?
A: This can all be done within Atlas Flight.

Q: Is Atlas Flight compatible with all DJI drones?
A: Yes, Atlas Flight will work with the MicaSense RedEdge or Parrot Sequoia on all DJI drones, as long as the drone is using the DJI SDK connection.

Q: Does Atlas Flight account for flight restrictions present in my area?
A: Yes it does, as long as these restrictions are set in the DJI Go app.

Q: Can I create a flight plan for a field that is not a perfect square?
A: Yes you can. The best thing to do is to divide the field up into rectangular sections, and create separate flight plans for each section. At this time, polygonal flight plans are not supported, however it is a feature that will be coming soon!

Q: Can I use Atlas Flight with RedEdge?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Is Atlas Flight available for Android or will it be in the near future?

A: At this time, it is not available for Android and there are no immediate plans to make it available. However, please contact us and let us know if this is important to you.


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