What is a capture?

A capture is the group of images taken simultaneously by the multispectral camera each time the camera is triggered. It is different than the total number of images the camera produces.

For example, one RedEdge capture includes five individual image files (as there are five multispectral imagers on the camera). Since the Sequoia has four multispectral imagers, one Sequoia capture includes four individual image files. 

As of November 1st, 2017 processing is no longer a supported service. Although processing jobs may complete automatically as we sunset the service, we encourage users to use third-party processing tools such as Pix4D to process data which can be imported into Atlas for analytics. Atlas will remain an analytics platform where the new plans reflect the available features, including analytical layers. The new plans do not include processing. Processing is no longer advertised or offered as part of our plans. Processing jobs that complete automatically will be charged at $0.07 per capture with a $10 minimum, but there will be no support for this service.

So, for RedEdge, 100 captures would produce about 500 individual image files. But Atlas would only charge per capture: $0.07 x 100 = $7 (note: the minimum charge of $10 would apply here). For Sequoia, the price would be the same, even though there are less individual image files over all.





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